We're here to change your life... well kinda

Posted: Jun 13 2014

Hey! We are so excited to share our vision with you. RENTtheDRESS was created to make your once in a lifetime event affordable and adorable.

We understand that weddings and proms require a killer dress, but buying a crazy expensive gown every time is a major drain on finances. And let's face it... no matter what a bride may say you are NEVER going to wear that bridesmaid dress again. And no girl wants to wear the same dress to every dance. 

So instead of letting dress after dress gather dust in your closet we are offering a way to save money and look fabulous. RENTtheDRESS offers stunning maids dresses and amazing prom dresses for a fraction of the cost of owing. 

Renting a dress from RENTtheDRESS is simple!

Step 1. Pick a Dress. Each rental lasts 7 days, so we recommend choosing a date 2-3 days before your event. 

Step 2. Look Fabulous. Wear your rental dress to your hearts' content and don't stress about getting it dirty, we clean it for you!

Step 3. Return. Mail the dress back to us using the prepaid envelope that came with your gown. 

Step 4. Repeat. We are certain you will love the affordability and convenience of renting a dress and can't wait to have you as as part of the RENTtheDRESS fan club!