Do you ship to P.O. boxes?

Yes! We ship via FedEx and USPS, so please enter the best delivery address for you. 

How much is return shipping?

Return shipping is always free! Simply use the prepaid envelope or label and send your rental item back via the US postal service.
Remember that your item must be shipped by 12:00 PM on your return date in order to avoid any late fees.

When should I expect my order to arrive?

Your order will arrive on the date you selected when you rented your item. We recommend selecting a date 2-3 days before your wear date in order to ensure on-time arrival.
If you have any questions about your tracking you may email us help@rentthedress.com

Rental Periods

How Long Are Rentals?

DRESSrenter.com rentals last 7 day. You are required to mail the dress back to us by 12 pm on the last rental day.


Can I try on the dresses before the wedding?

Yes! We know how important your wedding day look is and we want to be sure that you love your dress, that's why DRESSrenter offers an in-home try on program. Please fill out this form to request an at home try on.

How do I know what size I am?

DRESSrenter.com has provided easy to use size guides with each dress. If you are between sizes it is always best to order one size up.
If you need help determining your size send us an email help@DRESSrenter.com
If you are nervous about what size to choose you may want to  "Schedule a Fitting". 

What if my dress doesn't fit?

DRESSrenter.com provides accurate sizing descriptions of all of our gowns, however occasionally a dress may not fit. If this is the case contact us immediately so we can send you a replacement dress.


Can I return my item if it doesn't fit or I don't like it?

Yes! DRESSrenter.com offers returns on any of our items. Any returns will receive in-store credit that you can use on any future purchase. 


What does DRESSrenter rental insurance cover?

Your rental insurance fee with DRESSrenter covers cleaning costs, any small repairs (don't worry if a bead falls off!), and normal wear and tear.
If the dress is returned with excessive damage you will be charged for all necessary repairs. If the gown is damaged beyond repair you will be charged the full retail value of the dress plus your rental fee. 
All dresses from the DRESSrenter are professionally cleaned prior to shipment and have been inspected by one of our expert staff members. We ensure each gown is perfect and ready to go for your big day! Please note that these dresses are rentals, and may have normal signs of wear.

Care of Dresses

How do I get the wrinkles out of the dress?

Sometimes when a gown is shipped it will arrive a little wrinkled. To get the wrinkles out you can always use a clothes steamer. NEVER be tempted to use an iron on any of the dresses as this can result in irreparable damage. 

What if the dress gets dirty when I wear it?

No need to worry if the dress gets a little dirty when you wear it! Each dress rental includes a small insurance fee that includes your cleaning costs. All we ask is that you treat the gown with great care, as if you were borrowing it from your best friend.

Trying On Dresses

Do you have a Showroom where I can try dresses on?

DRESSrenter does not currently have a showroom. All rentals are through our website, DRESSrenter.com.
If you are worried about sizing you might want to consider our At Home Try On program. You can find out the details of this program by clicking here


What do I do if a dress is too long, or needs alterations?

DRESSrenter does not allow major alterations like hemming, we recommend that you choose a heel height that will make the dress a more comfortable length for yourself.  
You may always do temporary alterations like tack stitches, hem tape, etc. so long as these changes are removed before you return the dress to DRESSrenter.