How it Works

RENTtheDRESS is a new way to shop for and rent your wedding day look. Whether you are the bride or a bridesmaid RENTtheDRESS has something fabulous for everyone to love!

with it’s easy, just follow these steps:


1.      Find it

Select “THE” dress, jewelry, and accessories to make your day memorable. 

2.      Rent it

Select the date you want your items to arrive. We recommend picking a date at least 2-3 days before your wear date to ensure proper delivery. Each rental lasts 7 days. 

3.      Love it

Wear your rental dress and look fabulous! Don't worry about the cleaning, we take care of that for you!

4.      Return it


After your big day it’s nice to know it’s easy to return your items to Use the prepaid postage we send you and simply return it using the US Postal Service.